Family Preventative Dental Care


Family Preventative Dental Care

Preventative dental care is the key to a healthy, beautiful smile.  So, we’ve created a practice that better serves patients of all ages.  Children, adolescents, and adults can benefit from our dental treatments.  And, depending on your needs, we’ll customize a dental plan that delivers the best results.


Comprehensive Dental Examination

Visit us every six months to detect any potential oral health issues.  Early detection can avoid further damage from decay, cysts, gum disease, tooth and bone loss.  Our comprehensive dental exam offers a complete diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  As part of the evaluation, x-rays of your mouth will be taken.  X-rays allow us to evaluate the jawbone, sinus cavities, and teeth.


Dental Cleaning

Thorough teeth cleaning helps to maintain your smile.  Our dental cleanings will remove tartar and plaque that can be difficult to remove at home.  Also, tartar and plaque can be undetectable without a professional dental examination.  We’ll be sure to remove all traces of these issues to keep your smile bright.


Pediatric Dental Treatment

For the younger members in your family, our pediatric dental treatments are perfect.  Your child should be visiting the dentist six months after the first tooth has grown or by their first birthday.  Be sure to follow-up with routine visits to prevent oral health issues.  During your child’s visit, we’ll examine teeth development, gum health, and jaw.  Also, we’ll recommend proper dental hygiene techniques for your child’s smile and answer questions.

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